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Raw Divine LLC

Yoni Tightening Bar Soap Organically safe

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Product Description
Product Name:
vaginal cleaning soap
Main Ingredients:
Chinese herbs extraction. no side-effects to body.
1. Vaginal Cleansing, Private Itching, Odor, Anti bacteria, vaginal tightening
2. Leucorrhea abnormal, promote proper hormone function and balance the vaginal PH.
Apply the soap to private parts. Massage slightly 1-2 minutes, clean up with water.

Usage Benefits:

1.Reduces risk of various types of cancer 2.Protects the brain in old age 3.It improves dental health 4.Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
5.Make the tampons (Pearls) insert into the vagina More Easy 6.Medical Plastics, Clean, Safe and Sterilized 7.Smooth Surface Make you feel More comfortable 8.Reusable after clean
9.100% Natural. No Chemical added. No Side effect

Product information

Product Name
Yoni soap or yoni bar
Cleansing, shaving, personal care
rose petals/ rose essential oil/almond oil/palm oil/ sweet oil/shea oil
Keep in a dry and cool place
Apply the soap to private parts. Massage lightly 1-2 minutes, clean with water.
Female or Male
Topical use Do not eat, if you feel uncomfortable, stop using it.
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