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    Free shipping on orders over $100.00 or more due to the pandemic orders may take up to 5-7 business days plus shipping time which could take up to 10 business days if there is a delay with usps processing orders please be patient as we are trying to get orders out as soon as possible. Thank you for shopping.

    Raw Divine LLC.

  • Quartz Face Roller

    Relax and use your favorite facial product by Raw Divine LLC compared with this luxurious Quartz face roller.

    Best product to use with Tea Tree Aventurine

  • Cactus Hydrating Face Mask

    Natural cactus face mask will give you're skin a wonderful deep penetrating moisture, Brigthen the skin the undertone and deminish blemishes and acne scaring.

  • Tea Tree Aventurine Healing Oil

    Healing thy skin with all natural oils. Sun kissed and infused with the best quality crystal and herbs.

    Check it out in the silk body oil department.

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